5 Star Reviews

“Invaluable. Shermin has been invaluable in helping guide me through a much-needed transformation. She is compassionate, intelligent and perceptive, and I very much enjoy and employ her insights. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a strong voice to help mirror your own strengths and capacity.”

”Shermin is wonderful! I am so grateful I worked with Shermin Davis. She thoughtfully heard what I had to say without any judgment and responded promptly with sensitive, insightful feedback. She suggested daily practices for me that I continue to use, which has been very helpful in learning how to regularly cope with stress before the stress becomes overwhelming. Thank you, Shermin!”

“I felt like Shermin really cared about me and was very patient and respectful of my thoughts and emotions. She is very wise and I appreciate all of her help to bring me out of a dark time in my life.”

“Great progress with an exceptional therapist. I am very glad that I worked with a truly exceptional and outstanding therapist, Shermin Davis.

Shermin was able to connect with me from the beginning, and I feel that she truly understands what I am saying. I always feel at ease talking to her, which allows me to open up and share my thoughts and feelings freely. She has taught me to phrase things positively and try different paths when I need to change course, which is a skill that I can use now and in years to come.

With Shermin, I feel like I have a teammate in my pursuit of my goals. She is encouraging and truly has my best interests at heart. Her responses are consistently prompt, insightful, helpful, and motivating.

I appreciate Shermin’s continued willingness to take into account my specific experiences and feelings when making suggestions to help me. I feel like her flexible approach helps me as an individual overcome my specific obstacles as I pursue my goals. I have the highest appreciation and respect for Shermin, and I owe her many thanks for the perspective and skills she has already helped me to achieve.”

"Just wanted to say thank you for your wisdom, perspective and kindness that you have shown over the past year or so. You have made such an impact on my life and my happiness. I've learned lots of new ways of thinking that have been so helpful and am really finding inner peace and contentment that have been lacking for some time.
You have been a fundamental part of helping me get there. Thank you so much."

“I had a great experience with Shermin. She was very professional. She helped me change my way of thinking and made me rearrange "dark spots" in my life. I thank her very much.”

“Shermin has and continues to be very compassionate and empathetic to my many issues. She takes the time to understand your problems, and help you through them. Having someone work with you in the midst of life's most challenging circumstances is a precious gift. She does this well!”

“My therapist has helped me so much already. She's held me accountable and makes me feel
comfortable and at ease when sharing with her. I love this. It has already opened so many doors for me and it's because of her.”

“Shermin is very nice and she has great insights into what I tell her. I feel like a real load is lifted off my chest when I tell her about my problems. I really appreciate everything Shermin does for me.”

“Really helpful, not judgmental. Shermin took a really pragmatic approach to the things I was dealing with which made me feel better about myself and definitely more empowered. She's a great listener with sound advice.”

“Beyond great. Talking helped me more than expected. Speaking to a therapist helped me a lot. I recommend my therapist any time!”

“I was very comfortable with Shermin. She guided me through my angst about the ending of a relationship. Asked questions that made me think clearly.”

“Shermin was great to talk too. I was able to tell her what I was feeling and she responded with much insight.”

“Very patient and caring therapist.”

”Excellent. She is a very good therapist for three reasons.
First of all, she asked me well thought out good questions. When she asked a question it made me think and after that I could see things differently. Secondly, she cared about me. Finally, by talking to her, I could get my goals together. I promised to do something and it was effective for me to take an action.”

“Very attentive and effective.”

“Had a big impact on my life! Shermin is always such a great help! Has made such an impact. Thank you!!”

“Shermin was very helpful to have as a therapist. Very understanding and having her as a therapist definitely helped with my depression."

Perfect match. Shermin listened to my needs and encouraged me all the way. She helped to reflect, and problem solve and nurture skills that will help me through the rest of my life.

"Shermin Davis is a superb clinician. She has classic psychodynamic and psychoanalytic training which is enriched by contemporary recovery, interpersonal and spiritual approaches. You are sure to feel safe with her wise seasoned guidance and treatment perspectives." – Jan Maizler, MSW, ACSW, LCSW


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